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T-mobile FamilyMode Home Base


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T-Mobile Family Mode Home Base
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  • T-Mobile Family Mode Home Base is an all-in-one solution to managing your family’s online content and time

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New t-mobile family mode home base the family mode is all in one solution to help manage your family’s online continuing times daily screen time limits schedules and pauses internet access apps and contains your filters usage and tracking usage and data saves rewards gives your kids a little more screen time local tracking location GPS apps download the apps today and get started also comes with family mode home base us power adapter us micropower cord ether cord quick start guide terms and conditions compatible for androids and ios apple store and google play t-mobile circle quality t-mobile plan service compatible with router and your phones and iso t-mobile family mode home base the wi-fi device that helps manage your family’s digital accessories across devices on your home network.

About FamilyMode Home Base

    • Home Base allows you to manage every connected device on your wireless network at home.
    • Home Base works by pairing directly with your router and inspecting all the data that comes through your home network.
    • The FamilyMode app is needed to control all connected devices.
    • Has the ability to control laptops, smart TV’s, game consoles and anything else connected to your wireless network.



Set up the Home Base to your wireless network to begin monitoring all devices that are connected and using your wireless internet.

  1. Ensure your router is compatible with Home Base.
  2. Connect the Home Base to a power supply, then connect to the wireless router.
  3. Open the FamilyMode app, then tap Menu.
  4. Tap Set up Home Base.
  5. Make sure the device is connected to the same wireless router as the Home Base, then tap Continue.
  6. Follow the additional prompts on the device to pair the Home Base with the wireless network.


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