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Stainless Steel Soap Odor Remover Bar Eliminating Hand Odor Dish Fish Garlic


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  •          1,this stainless steel soap is made of 304 high quality stainless
    steel, used to wash hands to remove odor. For example, after processing
    onions, garlic, green onions, fish and other foods, remove unwanted
    odors from the hands and restore the original taste.

  • 2,The principle of deodorization of stainless steel soap is
    basically decomposed. When the stainless steel alloy is simultaneously
    in contact with air and water molecules, a catalytic action occurs, and
    the molecular structure of the odor is decomposed and “reduced” into an
    odorless state. The stainless steel material rubs against the object
    through a specially polished frosted surface, and the released iron ions
    combine with the odor molecules to achieve a convergence effect. This
    product can b

  • 3,ECO-friendly; no soap scum; no hazardous ingredients added to
    water; save money with better cleaning effect without chemicals and
    harmless to your skin

  • 4,Lasts for years. Weight (g): 70; Size (cm): 8.8(L) x 4.8(W)

  • 5,Package includes: Stainless Steel Soap with Plastic Holder               


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