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Credit Card Size Wallet Magnifying Glass with Holder – 3X Fresnel Magnifier


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  • COMPACT – Thin, extremely light, and flexible enough to fit in your wallet, purse, backpack, first aid kit or bug out bag. Keep your pocket magnifying glass handy in multiple locations for quick use.
  • Measures Approximately 3.35″ X 2.16″ (55 X 85 mm) – Our Credit Card Magnifier is the same exact size as a normal credit card and fits perfectly into your wallet.
  • Easy to Use and Carry – Suppose you don’t want to pull out your Readers but need something to quickly amply your vision. This is a great solution.
  • Durable Plastic – The strong durable plastic of the Magnicious Credit Card Magnifying Screen might last the longer of all the plastic in your wallet. It’s light and flexible as well.
  • 3X or 300% Magnifying Glass – This is the perfect amplification for those who just use an extra set or readers for smaller and hard to read print.
  • œ“FIRESTARTER – With direct sunlight, you can use this fresnel lens to start a solar fire while camping or during emergencies. This is a skill that requires basic fire building knowledge and proper tinder preparation, with practice, a fire can be accomplished in less than a minute. Makes a great item to have in your fire kit along with a fire steel waterproof matches tinder etc. A wilderness survival essential for bushcraft
  • PROTECTIVE CASE – Each lens comes with its own translucent protective pouch so it won’t be easily scratched.


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